Monday, June 4, 2012

Skeletools Impact Short newest version

The last run of shorts we made came out so well with the highest of quality. I just had to tell everyone how pleased I am with them. And anyone who gets one will be very pleased as well.

With the price of our shorts at an all time low you will have satisfaction that your dollar was well spent .

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skeletools Impact Vest newest version

This Skeletools impact vest is for all sports to protect your shoulders, chest, back and ribs. Featuring 2 pads in front of stomach, 2 pads for kidney, and a 5th spine pad. This vest is
also longer helping it stay down.

A Lightweight, low-profile impact vest with freedom of movement. Go ahead and take flight, you’re protected! Interchangeable spine protection is easily adjusted to get a perfect, comfortable fit for your harness. Removable modulated armor is removable to create a customized fit.

*Dual density amor panels
*Lightweight, low profile design for maximum freedom of movement
*Dual zippered front for easy on/off
*Removable Arm Shoulders to wear as vest
*Impact-absorbing pads with plastic

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Impact gear videos made

Well I finally made a few videos to explain the impact, impact shorts, knee guards, and elbow guards. I hope this helps everyone to evaluate the quality of Skeletools gear.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Skeletools knee/shin guards

Protect yourself when you crash or scrape against a tree branch, rock, or other hard objects.

Scrapes and abrasions can ruin a great day of mountain biking – so don’t let that happen to you! Protect yourself with mountain bike knee pads and mountain bike shin guards today.Mountain bike knee pads and mountain bike elbow pads offer lots of protection from bumps, bruises, scrapes, and other mountain bike injuries.

Mountain bike safety begins with a good quality mountain bike helmet. After your head's protected, next on the list will be all sorts of mtb body armor, including knee pads for biking, elbow pads for mtb riding, and combo units that protect both shins/knees and elbows/forearms.

Skeletools is your trusted source for mountain bike safety gear

Order from us and get:

* Excellent customer service
* Fast shipping
* No hassle returns
* Secure ordering
* Competitive prices

You know I should take my own advice about knee/shin guards. I do own a company that sells protective gear don't I. Well the dirt rash pic is proof that even if it is short ride to gym and you going to go down hill on your bald rainy day tires, you should wear your knee/shin guards. 1st pic the hill, 2nd pic steep speed section, 3rd pic the blamable bald tire, 4th and 5th pics the non banked left hair pin turn at the bottom, 6th pic skeletools knee/shin guards I should have worn, 7th pic the resulting dirt rash.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chest Protector, Body armor

Skeletools protective gear is your best source to find quality crash pads with low density flexible plastic laminate backing on half-inch of 'cush' padding that protects in real impact with complete comfort. Excellent body armor great for skiing protective gear, snow boarding protective gear, motocross protective gear, mountain biking protective gear, skate boarding protective gear, mountain boarding protective gear, BMX protective gear. Basically Skeletools protects for any down hill sport that you are active in. Or for that matter, any traditional sport that you participate in. It's your sport. It's your body. We've created a crash pad system that works for both. Thanks to our removable pad system, you can create just the right barrier for your body, and your sport. Easily add or remove pads as you need them. And it all hides well under your regular clothing - whatever your sport.